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Steve Chernishov's Personal Profile

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Design Thinking & Development

Dream + Design + Decide + Do It


I love to create attractive social environments, and fertile ground in which creative enterprise can flourish. I like to see people around me building skills & capabilities.


I want to be involved in a community that is driven by vision and purpose, lifestyle and quality of life; one which develops people with talent and skills and drives growth because we have hope and a plan to action...


I enjoy developing ideas & growing people. I am interseted in building solutions, social situations, lifestyle, health, education services & vibrant community.


My aim is to work with you towards common goals and to persevere until the targets have been achieved.


Identify opportunities and work with people who are motivated to develop solutions; engaging in creative problem solving, actively building our plans and new industry opportunities. We will need robust evaluation strategies innovation and new industry ideas that “stand up in the cold light of day”.

Interesting Thought

I want to build vibrant teams of people, & to make the most of what we have. I am interested activating ideas, positive thinking, finding solutions that are significant, big ideas, & how we can maximise situations to stimulate personal & group excellence.


I am interested in creating great places for us to live & work, with attractive lifestyles & culture. To make it easier to do business in Southland, New Zealand where I come from, & reach out to develop the towns throughout our region too.


I aim to be involved in building support systems people - local people who are looking for culture shifts, & orientating new arrivals and making them feel welcome to stay.


I believe in making bold decisions followed by action. I value optimistic thinking, fresh ideas & taking informed action that is based on research.

R & D

I aim to work with a diverse range of people to develop clever solutions for our world which are grounded in research; and will build an interdependent economy.


Call to Action

Our world needs lean practice, waste minimisation strategies, & new ways of doing business.


Vision for the Future

• Right people • Right place • Right skills

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Personal Interests

I am interested in communicating through design, visionary ideas, research, nature walks, cycling, building and architecture, business and the future of education.

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We want to act sustainably. We want people to be drawn to our place; to try it out and experience the advantages. Progressing from here will involve research and development, identifying extension opportunities for industry, building small-scale businesses again, building new channels for services and products, and thinking about distributing our goods locally as well as nationally and globally.

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