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Call to Action

Southland, New Zealand is going to need lean practice, waste minimisation strategies, and new plans. Every place in the world is actually, but my home is Southland – so I am commenting on how we will work to improve the South.

We must ensure that our resources are being sustainably utilised to create services that for the benefit of our wider population. The Southland economy rests on supply chains, and we compete because we are efficient. Let’s enhance our land transportation and air services.

Our people, and our commitment in the community drives success.
Everything we do should be community-driven.

This will bring momentum: When we know that we are part of a dynamic society, where wellbeing, teamwork, fun, vibrancy and community are behind our day to to day lives.

Let’s do business, develop our community, upgrade our resources and enhance public spaces, regulate processes, redesign services, attract the right people, extend our industries, and build new ones.


(Southland Regional Development Strategy, 2015)