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What’s your motivation to stand for elections?
What do you think is the most urgent problem to fix in this area?
What’s upper most important policy?
How would you make a real difference?
Tell us about yourself.

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Southland’s future will be built by people will good values, united vision and purpose. 
We must identify issues, research viable ways forward, design new solutions, and take action.


Our region needs greater productivity and performance from each of its industries, but this vision for Southland’s future is beyond money..

I want to work together with you.

  • Let’s revitalise Invercargill city and our rural communities.
  • Let’s keep our values and work ethic, but have a lot of fun!
  • Let’s grow tourism, technology businesses, and creative ideas.
  • Let’s be innovative and bring more opportunities to Southlanders.
  • Let’s work together to develop a vibrant community, and care about each other.
  • Let’s make sure we are driven by common goals; and get all age groups involved.
  • Let’s think sustainably as we extend existing enterprises and build new ones.