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Staying in Thailand a While..

This is was my first full day in Bangkok. A challenging feeling lingers in my heart; pressing stronger than ever as I sit in this little apartment on the high seats with questions –

    * What does it mean to be fully awakened?
    * What could I accomplish? – in close relationships, reaching out to others, attracting the life wanted, being truly loving..
    * How am I going to build the business & life I love, where truly effective progress happens?
    * How can I reach out to people in need without falling into the very traps of poverty, distraction, addiction & brokenness that I’m aiming to heal?
    * How will I build the PANBAM brand which models a life where everyone cares about each other? In Panda Bam world we design, develop & we sustain healthy adventurous lives.

I just had one of the best salads ever – street food – 23 baht. It was absolutely delicious, followed by hot cabbage curry. Now I’m settling in to this place – have decided to stay a while here in Thailand…

As you can see –

Build the PANBAM brand. Create merchandise & a stationary product line that inspires & guides people, raise others to a new level; help them to activate ideas & empower them to grow.
Oh God, show me how!!!

Join me to build a better world, do it. We can inspire & motivate many others. The resources will come, the team will be built, it will be massive fun..
Let’s transform our lives, reach out, do what is in our hearts, let passion rise within us & take action.


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