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What’s New?

It’s time to blog again – Two weeks ago someone whom I greatly respect sent me a text message? It’s started off saying, “What’s new in Steves world?”.. For two weeks I have been unable to respond! My days have been full-on full, but what IS new?!!! I’ve been setting […]

Khuekkhak Beach

Khuekkhak is a resort town that was destroyed by a psunami in 2004.  I didn’t film for the rest of the day [after capturing content for the above video blog] because while leaving the beach I went walking in the forest & found a lady’s passport – she would have […]

How to DESIGN Anything: askace.com

Last night I drew some pictures…they took over ten hours to put together, seems random, cute & arty/abstract but the images are a guide!! I’m designing with purpose & encourage to too. The pics I plonked online at www.askace.com/ are about  ‘How to DESIGN anything’. I’m illustrating one of the most […]

Ko Yao Yai

I saw a lot of beautiful forests on Ko Yao Yai island (bigger of the Ko Yao islands), & also learned something about myself. Carefree, no schedule, nobody watching – yet somehow subconsciously restrained…it came time to let go.. The ferry trip took about two hours. I took the ordinary […]

Leam Sing Beach

At this stage of the journey I had hardly slept in two days – too much to discover on Phuket island. On the island’s north west coast it was getting easier though thanks to my new friend driving me around on her pink motorbike.  Check out the first beach we […]


On a plane, in a car, bus or train, through an airport – somewhere near a USB plug…here we go again creating, thinking & chatting to fellow travellers.. I’m not a tourist, I am an adventurer, a creative & a researcher…someone who wants to make the world better – both […]

Reflection from Bangkok

The sun is going down – the last night in Thailand for this trip. In 24 hours I will be on a flight bound for home.  Sitting on the street is something I have not done enough of. Instead too many moments have been filled with movement, or an interaction […]

Tung Wua Laen Beach

Tung Wua Laen Beach, SOUTH EAST THAILAND Only Thai people go there. It is not a well known beach to travellers. But it is beautiful & fun to swim in. There is a sand bar on the beach – probably about 20 metres offshore so the water stays shallow enough […]

Uniting – Thai Wedding

No matter what you believe about life, love or spiritual things there are universal patterns & ways of doing relationships that are healthy. I have travelled here for this occasion because two beautiful Thai people whom I have met on this trip are uniting in marriage. It’s good & healthy. […]

Love Hearts on Sticks

For the first hour all I did when arriving here was hang out with gorgeous Thai girls, kneel on the floor, fix my hair with PVA glue & make cute little hearts on kebab sticks. It’s another Thai mass production system – someone cuts the flowers, someone else provides the […]