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Ao Bang Thao

Check out Dream Beach! It was one of those days where you loose complete control over your own path & instead kind people, beautiful places, great food & unplanned awesomeness happens. It’s when you stop trying hard yet still choose to step out onto the road; when you believe that […]

Kammala Beach

I woke up just out of Pa Tong beach as the sun was rising & quickly began to walk to Kammala Beach while elephants wandered to work, & truckloads of people stood or sat on trucks travelling to their workplaces. The island began to slowly wind up…I felt tired but […]

Chalong to Pa Tong

This was the most significant evening of my trip to Thailand. A wild, out there, spontaneous walk up the mountain. Something deeply resonated inside of me half way through the walk… We were standing on the platform of the ferry around 4pm saying goodbye to Ko Yau Yai island, east […]

Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is in South East Phuket. It is a rugged, forest covered, beautiful place & close to where the ferries travel out to the Ko Yao islands. If you want to buy a house there, well rumour has it they are not cheap. There are thousands of reviews as […]

Old Phuket City

I hitched a motorbike ride into the centre of this big old place, not a taxi bike or a tuk tuk – the wild side came out of me & I walked down the road from the airport & thumbed a ride with David, a sensible Thai guy in his […]


From Phuket airport to Nai Yang

If you ever get a nose bleed or feel bouts of fear after you have made a decision to start something new, booking a flight, or buying flowers for someone you love – wondering how it will work out…follow through with boldness & go for what you want! I felt […]


20 Cent Disagreement

This morning I had a conflict over 5 baht on a side street in central Bangkok. I could have given the guy what he asked for, but he was outwardly shaming me in front of all the customers & calling me a liar. I don’t appreciate being called a liar. […]


Thought Leaders

For the last two days I wanted to share the city of Sukhothai, & wasn’t interested in the artifacts the museum has to display. I have made a wee film clip showing the old city. It is significant & ther was a lot that I experienced that isn’t photographed.. Below […]


Rising Above 

I ended up staying last night in low quality accomodation in Phitsanulok beside the main bus terminal. Having been on the train throughout the night I needed to sleep straight away so got straight off the tuk tuk early in the morning at Phitsanlok train station, I checked straight into […]


True Value

I’m a designer. Design is what I like to do. But when a new solution is brought into the world, it is very likely that it will be challenged. Firstly, it will be challenged by the people who want to adopt & use it. They want to know if the […]