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On a plane, in a car, bus or train, through an airport – somewhere near a USB plug…here we go again creating, thinking & chatting to fellow travellers..

I’m not a tourist, I am an adventurer, a creative & a researcher…someone who wants to make the world better – both in the moment with the next person who walks by & within myself. I’m building a better world. Driven by inner yearnings to feel love, to let light shine, to expose ways of doing life & joy – that is what drives me to draw & make media…

A few key trends that come alongside creative, inspired moments & beautiful surprises:

  1. When stepping out onto the road to reach for a destination, surprisingly quickly an incredible new person has consistently appeared to make a link, offer a way forward or to guide. But the solution has ONLY come when beginning to head towards the next desired destination.
  2. Love & ideas ALWAYS come in to the moment; when we choose to let go of overthinking, or trying to impress someone & do while being. Solutions & ideas come with free action. When drawing for example, a color, shape or an idea just appears to pop up!

Creating & creativity, progress & new solutions come when we let go. Action is required, but a kind of action that lays down trying hard or attempting to say or do the right thing in the hope of getting approval. 

2 thoughts on “Design”

  1. Hey Steve,
    Your blog title and links take up half the screen. And then the default size of the youtube videos is massive and doesn’t at all fit in the space available. Maybe this could use some re-designing? 🙂 I’m using google chrome on a windows PC if that info is useful. Like the video by the way.

    1. Thanks for the comments Matt. I’ve been trying to get started & not care too much but will work on addressing these issues once have completed about 10 blog posts that are still in draft form. I’ve been known to waste time making sites look perfect when I should be creating content – just like fixing bicycles when I should be riding..

      And my whole life is kinda spinning in new directions! So hopefully this can be sorted soonish …..

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