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How to DESIGN Anything: askace.com

Last night I drew some pictures…they took over ten hours to put together, seems random, cute & arty/abstract but the images are a guide!!

I’m designing with purpose & encourage to too. The pics I plonked online at www.askace.com/ are about  ‘How to DESIGN anything’.

I’m illustrating one of the most essential resources for the coming generations of children growing up on our constantly shifted & challenged planet. And for us big kids who yearn to turn situations around.

The project about creative thinking & action, breaking down the essential steps to how to see what is wrong with the world, find ways to fix it & then to build those solutions – the opposite of resistance is creation.

I call it the DESIGNcycle & it is a method for developing ideas digitally, physically & solving mental problems that I learned through studying design, anthropology & media at Otago University. I’ve personally tested in my life continually in a cyclic way thousands of times!

Whether you want to solve housing issues on the planet, fix your grandmother’s noisy laundry, make a documentary, Make something, or to find a way to see possibilities for bringing peace to the Middle East – this tool will help.

How to DESIGN anything: askace.com is cute, abstract & very simple.

It’s a resource I plan to add more detail to, yet keep vibrant, stimulating & accessible, without bogging it down!!

Check it out & share, trial it & build teams. See the opposite of any problem on the planet = the outcome & create it! You are way more powerful & influential that you understand. It’s up to you & me now.

* Design our Future
* Create our world
* Transform what we have into what we want
* Less is more; wanting less is having more
* Sharing more is wanting less
* And using what we gain for the gain of all us truly fulfilling living.


My dream is to solve problems & build community through a global movement where everybody knows who they are & feel significant, because they live out their true identity, gifts, talents, passions & creative ideas. My ambition is to empower that. How to DESIGN anything: askace.com/ is a part of that puzzle

Bring beauty

Is something annoying you today? Do you feel passionate about an imbalance in your world? Can you see inefficiencies in a system?
If so – you’ve begun to spot an issue & you can DESIGN the solution
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How to DESIGN anything:

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