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Your identity should be expressed in the way you carry yourself, absolute belief, positive steps forward, optimism & if people want to talk about the deep issues of life the way that you respond should reflect wisdom & be shared in love.
Never confuse others, don’t say vague things or express ignorance. Instead, speak truth, love, care, share what you are passionate about with a solutions focus & run your day like you want to. 
When you know who you truly are you should want to help other people, & have a good idea about how & when to say no.

A big part of the journey is actively spend time developing what you are passionate about. That means you actually need time alone & you won’t want to spend the majority of your energy surviving, working to pay to survive or helping other people. It is good to help people, to have money sorted for today & the future, but the balance has to be 60% developing what you truly believe in & although at first if you are transitioning into that balance the finances and quality time with others might seem stretched it will be worth it & the tables will turn.

Now the key is to embrace the now, look forward to tomorrow & have enough personal drive to want to get to wherever you are headed. What you do has to align with what is within!

THOUGHT: Believe in yourself & write down plans – even if they feel out of reach.

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