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What do I mean by this?
“…want you to see the possibilities, not feel like you might miss out.”

TED Talk: Courtney Martin: The new American Dream

Is having a career or job just about making money?
What is the best measurement of greatness, of a life well lived?
How do you want to be when you grow up?
How should we work?
How should we live?

We need meaning, resources & flexibility.
And as we face a challenged world we must redefine what ‘better off’ really means.
Community and creativity go hand in hand & we have the opportunity to reinvent our lives.

We all need money, policies, boundaries, health benefits, & we will have to reinvent labour organising.

The art of living well is often practiced most masterfully by the most vulnerable.
We seek answers with social expectations from generations passed whispering in our ears but let’s risk and leap to understand our gifts, talents & passions, & understand about the world.

• Question the value of security
• See the value of non-linear careers
• Reclaim village life, and interdependence
• Improve relationships through sharing, community, & alternative living arrangements
• Have privacy & practice radical hospitality
• Look to be among a wide range of people who know and look out for each other
• Invest in community, because the most reliable wealth is in relationships
• Think of succeeding by standards that you have not yet honoured

Every single person is worthy of kindness.
Every person deserves to have their emotional needs being met.

You cannot buy yourself out of suffering.
You must be connected and courageous.
Turn outward, connect, create..

Also, you may want to watch this TED talk:
Why do we hate our jobs?

Our future of work could be most beautifully described in this poem, which was written by a guy I met at Manly beach, Sydney, Australia –
A Whole New World