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Ko Yao Yai

I saw a lot of beautiful forests on Ko Yao Yai island (bigger of the Ko Yao islands), & also learned something about myself. Carefree, no schedule, nobody watching – yet somehow subconsciously restrained…it came time to let go..

The ferry trip took about two hours. I took the ordinary boat, which carts, groceries & every day items – 160 baht. You can get to Phuket’s commercial marina in just a few minutes (about 3km) from old Phuket City centre.

Latitude: 7.8830      Longitude: 98.4154

Ko Yai Yai island was very pretty, mostly untouched, & absolutely shrouded with forest. As hardout as I am, I didn’t actually see each part of the island. It’s kind of easy to get lost & end up looping around some of the same roads – even with the assistance of GPS. Anyway, it’s a good challenge to get there, experience, etc.

I learned something on the island linked to the latter part of the video blog above…

Adventures are adventures because of the unknown, but also cause we challenge ourselves. As soon as I got to Phuket I fully let go, hardly slept in three days, became carefree – rode motorbikes without helmets, walked in the wilderness, spoke to anyone, bargained for food like the locals, & faced myself! And in that time in the South of Thailand there were moments where I didn’t care about me, or my own wellbeing.

So had to do a complete turnaround, facing the fact that I’m a loner – that many of the things I do are for other people who will never fully see, understand appreciate or share who I am truly capable of being. 

Self-expectation that is built upon wanting the approval of others is a complete waste of time. Self awareness & tuning actions can be served well when you’re in relationship with others though; sharing that same experience. But if you do something that will end up bringing only a conversations involving comparison, or box ticking then we’ve lost the way!

We need to step into a place of love, total peace, calmness, & rest because good things are coming.

To fully embrace life, we’ll need to share it. and to have purpose beyond experiences & having everything we need in the day. This is something I aim to discover next…

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