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Love Hearts on Sticks

For the first hour all I did when arriving here was hang out with gorgeous Thai girls, kneel on the floor, fix my hair with PVA glue & make cute little hearts on kebab sticks. It’s another Thai mass production system – someone cuts the flowers, someone else provides the glue & bits, the girls look pretty, magic hearts happen in the hundreds..

The wedding party is before the the wedding. We are coming to the end of this great night now. Reminded that a picture that a picture tells thousand words – I strung  a few together:

We are in the middle of the forest near Charoen, South East Thailand. Having made great friends & checked in to the hotel with the wedding crowd I really do have little to think about – except getting up at 6am. A gorgeous dinner, great company & the ongoing sound of Thai chareokie mixed with a bunch of extremely well composed people does make me smile. I wonder how I can enhance their lives, how we can work together build a better world & what might role could be. I will be going home to New Zealand is less than one week & have so much to discover.

Time now for some targets & a few closing pictures.

Believe in the people you meet. Don’t be too hasty to move on from dyna,if & meaningful situations. If you get invited to a wedding, go. Encourage others. On the outside they may appear confident, but hope & love are limitless – so share them.

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