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From Phuket airport to Nai Yang

If you ever get a nose bleed or feel bouts of fear after you have made a decision to start something new, booking a flight, or buying flowers for someone you love – wondering how it will work out…follow through with boldness & go for what you want!

I felt that way when planning on going to Phuket island, but here is what happened in the first thirty minutes: fun!!

Nai Yang (near Phuket airport) has a beach, food market trading centre & stunning attractions (with a beautiful national park behind it) within just minutes walking distance from the terminal.

I loved the taste of ripe bananas & raw cabbage from the markets, the pleasure shown by the chefs over my excitement with lunch, & clear warm water at the beach! It was fantastic to you find the most stunningly attractive place imaginable beside Phuket airport.

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