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Old Phuket City

I hitched a motorbike ride into the centre of this big old place, not a taxi bike or a tuk tuk – the wild side came out of me & I walked down the road from the airport & thumbed a ride with David, a sensible Thai guy in his mid twenties who felt like enhancing my day. He dropped me off in the centre & I immediately programmed my GPS to lead me to the water, ignorantly thinking that there’ll be beautiful beaches just minutes away. I walked for hours & saw no beaches.

It’s a run down place, but definitely full of art & culture. Dinner is best enjoyed by shopping at the markets. I had dinner twice at two seperate markets. The highlight of the evening was meeting Thai people, just letting go of plans & enjoying the bustle.

In Phuket I met three great Thai boat builders & ended up crashing on the couch at Joe’s condo. Joe was my teacher – this is what I learned:

Joe said,
“Do not worry. Do not worry about money. Have ideas. Work hard. Nothing is too big.
I stay in Phuket. Other people leave, girlfriends leave, but I don’t leave. I build big boats, super yaughts. This is my place.”

  1. No limits
  2. Work hard
  3. Have ideas
  4. No worries

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