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Top Three Policies:
+ More fun
+ Growth beyond GDP
(wellbeing, reputation & opportunities)
+ Building what is best for the people

Southland, New Zealand = THE PLACE TO BE

* Thinking Local & Global

We create a lot of product, & our distribution systems can be tweaked to keep local food & manufactured goods in the community as well as for export. We want healthy people & a higher proportion of our resources to stay in the region. We will find ways to get the right food, shelter & novelty goods to our own people by growing innovative businesses that package & sell the best of what we have; doing what is best for the people.

* Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We want amazing new businesses & work opportunities, so we will build them! This is going to require united vision, people believing they can, innovation hubs & support systems, specialists & leaders who care. We can lead the development of brilliant businesses, blueprint ideas & create new solutions.

* Small Buildings

Permanent small buildings are lusciously warm, affordable & can be accessed & built by anybody with determination. Let’s empower our people to raise funds & find a space to put their own place.
We will need to make sure that council consent processes are consistent & accessible. We must make sure information is available which empowers the public.

* Sustainable & Local

We will find new ways to use our region’s household & industrial waste. This will include local businesses that can reuse or recycle rubbish, public education & more efficient systems. Our rubbish can be turned into innovative products.

1. Vehicle Sharing

A lot of people are discontent with our public transport. It’s an ongoing topic that can’t be solved over night. We can develop ways to bring car costs down for people who share rides.

2. Cycling

We want all people to move around easily & with comfort. We will create great paths & services for cyclists such as showers & toilet stops, sheltered spots & places to get warm.
Invercargill city is compact so we can get around easily & efficiently.

3. Buses

We will make buses more fun to ride on. Buses will have themed music built into the bus timetable played by bus DJs. If you ride in the morning you’ll experience an upbeat vibe, on the way home the music will relax you. In the evening, you’ll get excited with the tunes bus DJs will play! Our bus drivers will be enthusiastic, witty & entertaining.

Our people need to have fun,
be empowered & know they belong in the South.
Our city must prioritise wellbeing – empowering the public to grow in areas that are important.

Everything is possible

Written by: Stevey Chernishov
BA, Dip Grad Teaching (Technology), Dip Grad Anthropology (Social)

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