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More Fun

We will have to improve fun & lifestyle quality for all Southland’s people!

The best way to do this is by developing an understanding about what our people need, then figure out how to scale that up massively for a transformational shift all can experience.

Every day can be fun, interesting & balanced.

Our best times will not be had consuming in the shops, or paid attractions.
The best times happen when we can spend time being ourselves with those we cherish & trust.

(Stevey Chernishov, 25/08/16

More Fun –

Malls with food courts, promotional campaigns that show you what is worth going to, a roof over Esk Street, support & training for anyone to learn how to organise activities, loud & expressive places, people bringing cultural diversity, a distinctly stylish night culture, more trees, warm places, new hotels, skating, cycling, go karts, music, cultured people who are free to express themselves, acceptance of others, plans & visionary thinking, a people who believe they can set up what they really want, a university, CBD information centre, upgraded residential street outlook, unity between the South & North sides, fun activities near water, optimism, a people who know they belong & actively make the South better, 24 hour city centre, travel opportunities, closely linked to Queenstown, more babes & hunks \ self care & less stress, academic scholarships, incentives to create new businesses, cycling connected in all directions to city centre, eco-tourism, aiming for excellence, unity of vision, empowering leaders, positivity, activities for the whole community, good looking & clean spaces


Let’s shine & be beautiful people
Let’s build what we really want

Southland, New Zealand = THE PLACE TO BE