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Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach is in South East Phuket. It is a rugged, forest covered, beautiful place & close to where the ferries travel out to the Ko Yao islands. If you want to buy a house there, well rumour has it they are not cheap.

There are thousands of reviews as above, so I’ll speak my mind as usual –

  • What matters is that I made a new friend, Joe. He wanted nothing from me, no money, no strings attached, & after dragging myself off the couch at his condo he showed me a natural part of Phuket that completely shifted my perspective (in contrast to noise, smells, endless scooters & concrete).
  • More importantly though, Joe offered me friendship. We had breakfast together at his favourite restaurant, & he took me to the ferry heading to Ko Yao Yai island (helping to ensure the tickets were bought at Thai prices). The monkeys were cool too.
  • The biggest thing to note on this morning: Life is about living, connecting,  moments, moving with purpose. When someone chooses to care then that makes the place!

So why am I writing this blog? It’s to figure something out & share it with you about what really matters = relationships, decision making, priorities & values. Because we all have to figure out what to do next!

I have big dreams, creative ideas, a pretty good idea about how to enjoy life, & embrace opportuntities. But you matter more than all that!!

When writing a blog like this, you have to ask yourself, “Why aren’t you at work right now, or building something?”, “You could be designing & creating right now, so what’s with this abstract blog?”… Well, this is it: RELATIONSHIPS MATTER & I HAVE NOT DONE THEM PERFECTLY. TODAY IS MY CHANCE TO REACH OUT TO THE WORLD & BE REAL LIKE JOE WAS. OF COURSE THERE IS WORK TO GET TO, BUT LET’S SORT OUT HOW TO CARE & SHARE LIFE OFFERING FREEDOM TO THOSE WE REACH & WITHOUT SELFISH ROADBLOCKS OR CONDITIONAL PASSES BREAKING OUR FLOW.

A tear streams down my face while closing off this entry.
Something is shifting inside…

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