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Reflection from Bangkok

The sun is going down – the last night in Thailand for this trip. In 24 hours I will be on a flight bound for home.  Sitting on the street is something I have not done enough of. Instead too many moments have been filled with movement, or an interaction with somebody dealt with too hastily.

Bicycles. Motorbikes, cars, trains, buses, tuk tuk, boats, concrete everything; footpaths, buildings, overpasses, walls… All of it seems too immense & intense until we slow down enough to appreciate the life in this place. These are the beautiful people who masterfully make shoes in a tiny factory, feed hundreds of people from a trolley, & create almost everything their nation needs inside their own country borders.

What have I learned on this journey? And what should we take home? How will life be different from here? Which new choices will I make?

I have gained a great respect for the people of Thailand & their kingdom. The society has order, morals, & high standards when it comes to creating products & serving food. My belief has been affirmed that we can go anywhere, achieve anything & connect with people in meaningful ways when we have faith; putting ourselves out there, being loving & keeping wit. I have discovered first hand repeatedly that many people are not relating to you for money – in fact I’ve seen quite the opposite. Many times on my trip I would try to pay a new Thai friend & they would outwardly refuse to accept the money; even going as far as pushing you away to affirm their generosity & selfless sincerity. 

I have been with many people who are okay with talking about God, Jesus, Buddha, love & spiritual things. There is an immense amount of loyalty here, among the people towards each other, honour toward the king & respect for the government. 

People of Thailand are willing to selflessly share their things, money, time, feelings & their homes.

Now I must ask myself to respond. How will I make the most of the position I am in? To enhance the lives of many others, offer services that solve real needs in the communities I touch, & to give back. This is our shared journey, a challenge we are joint together on. Yet some of us have more access to good things, tools & the right people. But if we don’t work effectively, making good honest use of the opportunities we have then we limit our own ability to give back.

I am choosing to go home to New Zealand tomorrow & to do my best to create with my life. To build, establish, sustain & serve. And not just to love the people in my own sight. I choose to reach out to the world with a shining beacon of light, with hope & real solutions.

Finishing off the walk with an apple & some delicious strawberries – 20 baht, I’m grateful.

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