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Southland’s Future


We are a superb district, and we want to make the South a thrilling place to live and work.
Let’s develop our gifts, have more fun, and learn about how to be more productive.

Where is Southland headed?

We are refocusing some of our energy, while embracing our values.
Together we are grabbing ahold of visions, developing goals determining our priorities and taking steps forward. Let’s focus and work in teams.

It is time for Southland to be heard, to stand out, to be known and appreciated for the unique strengths we bring. We are building Invercargill City & the Southland region to be recognised as fun, professional and successful. This is going to require action, and the spirit of Southland to shine.

We have our own way of doing life.

We do things the Southland way.

We have goals, achievements, and qualifications, but more importantly, we make things happen.

As Southlanders we are quick to smile, and always looking for solutions.

We are lighthearted and we love the people around us!

We are enthusiastic, courageous, energetic and optimistic.

We want exciting lives and we love to laugh.

What can I offer the South?

I am here to work with you to activate ideas.
We can analyse situations, debate and discuss – but really, what we need to do is make things happen! Only action leads to performance, and the best way to take action is by being united together.

  • Let’s be creative and curious.
  • Let’s imagine new products, services and solutions for our homeland.
  • Let’s be quick learners who explore various options and consider novel solutions, anticipating the future needs of Invercargill city and rural Southland.
  • Let’s work together, trust each other and empower each other to help grow our prospects in tangible ways that improve the home lives and social lives of everyday people.
  • Let’s explore our personal gifts and talents, then link up with opportunities.
  • Let’s take responsibility as a community; so we can excel.
  • Let’s focus on fun and growing our community together.
  • Let’s embrace the challenges we face in Southland with enthusiasm.
  • Let’s be strong, inspired and confident people.
  • Let’s believe in each other and live rewarding lives.
  • Let’s value relationships.
  • Let’s build robust and diverse personal networks, and work together to succeed.
  • Let’s be motivated and grab hold of the opportunities we have. We can overcome roadblocks and build a better future together…

I’m interested in what is important to you, and what success means to you.

What are you personally going to do Stevey?

I am a designer, and I love developing ideas. I enjoy inspiring people and building teams. I like to activate ideas and work alongside pioneers/people who are establishing purposeful things. So I will focus on fine details and work on the big picture alongside others, manually at times and strategically at others…

Some things that can improved and what I think

Housing/places to live, the lives of all people; particularly the vulnerable children, work and opportunities, caring for elderly people, access to nutritious local Southland produced food.