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Steps Forward

Failure is okay. When I started building my dream the overriding question was: Is this something that aligns with my purpose to reach out to the world?

I started building my dream the week after a business I had built fell apart – we had two directors who lacked integrity & they compromised our plan & the company got liquidated. So straight away I went to see an artist friend telling him that it was time to start something new; that I want to reach out to inspire the world through smilie, bold cartoon characters. A year & a half later he presented me with a large canvas painting of PAN panda & BAM boy. And now after doing an immense amount of work preparing I’m presented with the challenge to be enterprising & build the brand, or to retreat to a career.
We are limitless, everything is possible & I have decided to believe that there will be ways forward. We have all made mistakes before & fallen. Each one of us has the chance to create something beautiful with our lives. I choose to share & care, I choose to create my dream & hope to meet many more people who can join me on the journey to build beautiful ways forward..


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