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Living Feb-Mar 2017

My dream is to build a whole new world. I’m creating the world in fiction first; showing what we really need here on earth. That is, a world we’re everyone cares, we have fun, adventure, we build what we really want & we join together to make that happen. In this world we create lives where everyone is healthy, we eat nutitious food & live in peace.

I have decided to call the fictional world, PANBAM World. The next stage in my dream is to learn to do business between Thailand & New Zealand. Novelty product manufacturing, clothing & stationery highly interest me 🙂 = PANBAM \ thinkFACTORY

I’m hoping to find ways to see differently & am really going over to check the place out – could enjoy lots of time overseas in the future.

In ten days time I plan to be in Bangkok, flying in on February 17th. Having decided to design & develop what’s on my heart, I’m taking risks, stepping way out of my comfort zone (have never before been beyond Australia), & focusing in on realising big passions that are inside.

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Join me to make this dream a reality. Please help to fund my trip to Thailand. The plane tickets are already paid for, & I will be grateful for a living & development budget in  February & March while in South East Asia. I plan to find ways to get stationery made, patches for clothing & other things like baby clothes..

I’m on a mission of course to have fun, but while living a life of purpose!

These are the leaders of PANBAM World, the brand I am creating to model a whole new world where everyone cares.

What we are going to do is set up a factory where we empower others to design & develop a world that is built around love.

If you personally know people Thailand, have key contacts for me, or want to make a request or suggestions about travel & the mission – email me: design@surfaceproductions.com

Steve Chernishov
Building a whole new world

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