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Thought Leaders

For the last two days I wanted to share the city of Sukhothai, & wasn’t interested in the artifacts the museum has to display. I have made a wee film clip showing the old city. It is significant & ther was a lot that I experienced that isn’t photographed..

Below is a photographic montage from Sukhothai Historic Park, showing what remains of the magnificent city surrounded by a moat. Some people say Sukhothai was so civilised that they lead the cultural developments of the rest of the nation. They were thought leaders, artists, expert farmers, and the founders of much of the nutritious food that Thailand cooks today. One guy from here even wrote the written typography that the kingdom of Thailand uses today.

I met the locals here, spent an entire afternoon hanging out with a man in his shop learning abuot how the business runs, then he showed me the city is his truck. Driving around was great. We went to Sukhothai’s heart shaped lake & had dinner.

Yesterday’s breakfast at a random restaurant in the country. I rode there on a bicycle. The guy cooked me vegetables on rice, he had squirrels, roosters, a kitten, turtles & some pheasents. From what I can tell he lives in his road side shop & it is very primitive. the soap he served was cooked on an open fire, yummy.

Twas an impacting day of letting go, just being present with the people, listening, observing, talking, smiling, riding around on a bike & being open to whatever experiences presented themselves..


GPS Coordinates: 17.050731, 99.792955

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