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True Value

I’m a designer. Design is what I like to do. But when a new solution is brought into the world, it is very likely that it will be challenged. Firstly, it will be challenged by the people who want to adopt & use it. They want to know if the service has or product will work as they want it (incremental steps are often required along the way too).

Then if what we create gains a lot of strength it may be challenged by an outside force who feel threatened. I’m facing this big topic in the hope of finding ways to decide where to channel my own energies & build something in life that has true value for everyone & does not end up being destroyed.

Below is a Steve Chernishov style history lesson filmed around Ayuttuya – one of Thailand’s old capital cities. I have put this together as part of my processing. Something that is on my heart is to learn to design & develop a better world, & keep it running. It is good to love, care, create, share our world. 

You can sense the wealth in Ayutthaya. It is a vibe & also the people look healthy. The young guys drive cooler tuktuk too with stereo systems (than the drivers in Bangkok).

I walked to Ayutthaya Historical Park. This city & the kingdom it ran has a strong history. Seeing the broken ruins raised questions for me about power, religion, business, freedom & control. On a personal level – I’m not really on ‘holiday’ but am making plans loosely. So I’ve got time to search out the Kingdom & am wanting to understand the present day – with the view to improve our lives.

Conflict & war – that brings down kingdoms. In the same way, arguments, abuse & cynicism limit someone’s capacity to thrive. There are many things to consider & get right when we make decisions in life because everything we do effects other people!

We want to thrive, so let’s live in peace.

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