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What am I doing here & why?

I am staying in accomodation overlooking the river tonight in a historic ex-capital city of Thailand named Ayuttaya. The place is about 80km north of Bangkok & it is possible to get here directly by boat from Bangkok.

Gorgeous street food, beautiful people, pretty views, guitar music from the balcony of where I’m staying & cicada sounds make a refreshing change from Bangkok’s motorway noise & zooming bikes. Then a rediculously noisy train swells past in the distance followed by a restaurant on a boat drowning out the tranquility for a minute. Haha

Something I am wondering is, where the hang are all the tourists?! I’m travelling alone currently & staying in a resort but expected to have more people from all over the world to chat to.

So, why am I here?

While the mind ponders, the eyes observe, the ears filter & the mind wanders – something deeper is going on inside the heart. It’s a quest to add up life long learned lessons in a new setting. In other words, I’m learning & getting inspired to do my dream; which is to design & build a better world with big thinking & massive action


I want to build a business & the life I love. To do that I’ll need 100 inspired people around, a factory, an ideas centre, funky technology, a lot of faith & to make sure that everything which gets created helps a lot of people.

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