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What’s New?

It’s time to blog again –

Two weeks ago someone whom I greatly respect sent me a text message? It’s started off saying, “What’s new in Steves world?”..
For two weeks I have been unable to respond!
My days have been full-on full, but what IS new?!!!

I’ve been setting up a little village – & planning other ideas around in this realm.
Guests from all over the world (Japan, Korea, China, England, France, Germany, Fiji, NZ, etc) have been staying there over the past month.

WEB LINK: www.airbnb.co.nz/rooms/13102090

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jason Allen | FACEBOOK: @dijitaldarkroom.com | EMAIL: dijitaldarkroom@gmail.com

I’m also figuring out how to get back into the computers with Surface Productions Limited CREATIVE

DESIGN. .. ….
So what? …& are you living your true purpose?
There are soooo many questions in behind each of my days! Some people who have known me a while question me, asking me if I am truly living my calling.
I have big dreams, many ideas, a massive desire for freedom, & a relentless regard for building a better world.

My dream is to inspire millions of people. I plan to do that through the PANBAM brand –

GOAL: Inspire millions of people through tthe PANBAM brand.

To do this I will need to do more work, more focus, create more presentations online with our beautiful animals in them, & to have the ability to bring the beautiful world I depict into the real world.

The biggest challenge here though is to motivate you to believe & join me to build new realities.
I’m not content with the world as it is. I want everyone to feel the love.

Signing out for now.



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