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You are Significant

When we share time with others it is somehow not possible for us to see the affect that we are having on them. You may think that your influence on others is minimal, but right now I want to encourage you to accept that if you have only a few things lined up within yourself then you have an incredible capacity to encourage & build up those you meet…
THESE ARE GOOD:    1. humility     2. love 

Let love flow through you. Be humble. Open yourself up to the situation you’re in. Living like this improves the lives of others. Oftentimes others feel joy & an appreciation for you but don’t express it. Many times I have been in situations where somebody has approached me afterwards (sometimes years later) to express their gratitude for how I impacted their lives! That’s cool to know, but it’s even better to find out straight away!!

Tonight I went to a church group meeting in Hamilton. I got the chance to sit on the floor & share with the people for a while. I read some stuff out of the bible & talked [ John 17:1-5, Psalms 60:12, Genesis 1:20-31, John 16:29-33 ]. After I spoke people thanked me for revealing to them what I was thinking without limiting myself. Here is the gist of what I was saying –

God is our source. God is the great one who offers everything that is good. 

When good stuff happens God should get high renown & honour. 

Jesus had work to compete on the earth & so do we. 

We should do what we do with courage & determination, creating like God does. 

God made us like Him & wants us to plan, develop, create, manage & sustain what is put into our care. Living naturally like a hippy is desirable, but be prepared to care for & manage resources & money too . The best way to do that is to help other people & improve their lives.

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